1. Cobra Amp Cell Driver

It's hard to overstate the phenomenon that is Rickie Fowler among the PGA Show's under-18 demographic. An army of teenage clones, decked out all in orange and with bushy hair sticking out from beneath their flat-brimmed caps, flocked to the Cobra booth to admire the company's blingy offerings. The Amp Cell driver, which launches next week with a price solidly in the market's sweet spot, should move plenty of units. It's got some appealing features, too—six different loft settings, easily obtained via click-wrench, give the player options for dealing with wind and weather. The face angle is easily adjustable, as well. In range testing the club face felt firm and hot. Four lollipop-bright color choices ensure its wielder will be visible from three fairways over—something Fowler's legion of young fans clearly won't mind.


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