10. 3Bays GSA Pro Swing Analyzer

The 2013 Show proved that mobile swing analysis is one of the most insanely competitive sectors in golf today. One of the most promising new concepts, though, was found in a small booth on the side of an aisle. 3Bays is a Hong Kong-based startup whose flagship product, the GSA Pro (available for iPhone and Android) features all the stuff one has come to expect from such a gizmo—clubhead speed, face angle, tempo, etc. But it also boasts a couple of significant advantages over the rest of the field. One, it's the lightest on the market, at a mere 9 grams. Even more importantly, the design—picture a ball marker with a pushpin extruding from the base—can be easily pushed into the butt of any grip. Many competitors feature clip-to-the-shaft designs that are, by comparison, much more cumbersome and difficult to remove from the golf club. With this device, on the other hand, one could conceivably track every swing in a real round of golf without slowing down the foursome.


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