Sep 06, 2014
Big Break's Best

(GREENSBORO, GA) Reynolds Plantation on Lake Oconee is great place to visit (or live) under any circumstances, but the fun is being dialed way up this month as a field of 40 former Big Break competitors will go head-to-head in full tournament conditions for the first time at the inaugural Big Break Invitational Reynolds Plantation. The four-day invitational tournament airs live Tuesday, Sept. 30 – Friday, Oct. 3 from 3-6 p.m. ET on the Golf Channel. Among the competitors are some of the series’ most memorable competitors, including Tommy “Two-Gloves” Gainey, NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, any many who are now competing on the PGA, LPGA and other pro tours. They’ll all be together competing on the Great Waters Course at Reynolds Plantation. You can enjoy the competition as a spectator or by purchasing  the Big Break Invitational Package that includes golf, accommodations and tickets to the tournament.

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Sep 04, 2014
Too Big?

(NEW YORK) We all dream of living large, in a luxury home with room to spread out and enjoy all the latest bells and whistles. Look around any private golf community and you see houses that look like they go on forever. You might wonder what living in one would be like. Turns out they may just be too big for some people. The Wall Street Journal reports on homeowners who are finding their 10,000-sq. ft.-plus homes a big headache.  There’s all that expensive upkeep: housekeepers, handymen, landscapers, and pool people. All the privacy they craved gets lost in a sea of strangers they need to keep things running. In some oversized houses, family members have even resorted to texting to track each other down. This is not a problem for the masses. Yes, the average home is getting larger (newly built homes square footage has risen to 2,598 square), but less than 1% of homes have more than 10,000 square feet. Still, it’s nice to dream.

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Sep 02, 2014
Midnight Golf

(TROMSØ, NORWAY) If you love golf and luxury living, why not get all of it you can? There’s a luxury real estate boom going in Northern Norway’s largest city, Tromsø, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. According to a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal, the city enjoys relatively mild temperatures, a laid-back feel, and hipster allure. Not only that, you’ll enjoy two months of midnight sun during the summer. That means you can play a round in the middle of the night at Tromsø Golf Park, the northernmost 18-hole golf course in the world, just 35 minutes from the center of the city. Still, there’s that two months in the dead of winter when you’ll have to deal with perpetual nighttime. Tromsø, by the way, is the most robust property market in the country. Prices are jumping. Expect to pay over 7 million Norwegian kroner, or about $1.13 million, for higher-end homes.

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Aug 29, 2014
180 Holes, 12 Hours, 1 Goal

OKATIE, SC) Patriot Day Golf takes place this weekend and golfers around the country will be adding a dollar to their greens fees to fund post-secondary educational scholarships for children and spouses of military service men and women killed or disabled in service to the country through the Folds of Honor Foundation. Bill Sampson, Director of Golf at Old Tabby Links at Spring Island, is taking the challenge to another level. Sampson will tee off at 7:00 a.m. at Old Tabby Links tomorrow (August 31) with hopes of finishing 180 holes by 7:00 p.m. Last year, the Spring Island community raised over $37,000 in support of the Folds of Honor, which ranked them in the top 25 golf courses in the country. If you’re interesting in supporting Sampson’s effort you can call the Spring Island Old Tabby Links golf shop at (843) 987-2013. Over the past seven years, Patriot Golf Day has raised more than $17 million and awarded over 5,000 scholarships.

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Aug 28, 2014
Canine Controversy

(UNIVERSITY PLACE, WA) This controversy has some teeth to it. Seems dog owners in University Place believe they were promised a permanent off-leash dog park on Chambers Creek Properties, next to Chambers Bay golf course. The county says there’s not enough room for a new 18-hole golf course and a dog park. And next year’s U.S. Open site is right in the middle of the controversy. Right now, there is a temporary dog park on the property, but that will close next May when the USGA takes over the site for the U.S. Open. Dog owners believe that a 2007 master site plan for Chambers Creek Properties spells out a permanent off-leash dog park where the second golf course is now proposed. Country officials interpret the master plan differently, saying it only “allows” for a dog park, not promises one. That interpretation isn’t sitting well with dog owners. “The golfers have their golf course, the joggers have their trails, the beach people have the beach. We want a place to come down and enjoy our best friends,” resident Byron Debban told the News Tribune. “We’re just asking for a foothold in this massive development.”

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