Oakley Fast Jacket XL Sunglasses

If you find yourself removing your shades on a bright day in order to play a meaningful shot, you might need a golf-specific upgrade. Sunglasses are such a personal thing, of course, but the polarized lenses that make many models so great for driving a car can make driving a golf ball even more of a challenge than it already is. Oakley's Fast Jacket XL, released in mid-2011, are a great and lightweight frame for the game. The "Three Point Fit" system (which is the bridge of the nose and two sides of the head) holds the optics comfortably in place throughout the swing. Just as important, however, is the company's G30 lens, which cuts through glare and UV light like a knife and improves depth perception by increasing visual contrast. Interchangeable lenses have always been an Oakley strong suit, of course, so it's easy to snap in a polarized set after the round.  


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