Geoff Cunningham Golf Prints

Looking for something new to spruce up the den or golf cave? Geoff Cunningham's prints might fit the bill. Cunningham is the nephew of John Ashworth and one of his co-founders at Linksoul, the apparel company. The San Diego-based artist brings his unique sensibility to everything that company touches, as well as to this series of artworks, which studies subjects ranging from Old Tom Morris to Glenna Collett-Vare to a boy caddie from Ceylon. Asked how he chooses his subjects, Cunningham said, "I go through lots of images. Traveling with John in Scotland and Ireland, I just see so much great memorabilia everywhere. I look for the [images] that resonate on that soulful level, that create a path toward some essential principle of the game." Indeed, whether it be the rows of blank standards in "Signmen," or a young boy glaring through the frame in "First Off," Cunningham's work projects the mysteries of golf in a way that seems compelling and timeless.

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