Dunning Golf Players Fit 4-Way Stretch Woven Pants & Shorts

Veteran designer Ralph Dunning continues to create some of the best apparel in golf from his studio in Toronto. While his current collection is strong as a whole, the results of his study of how to bring top-level performance to pants and shorts particularly stands out at the moment. Dunning noticed that the fit tended to change when golfers set up in the proper address position, so he added a little extra fabric to the seat and a V-shaped notch to the tailbone section of the waistline. These details, plus a comfortable and lightweight four-way stretch material, add up to a garment that confers a freedom of motion that's immediately noticeable. Dunning is really in the sweet spot aesthetically, too. The cut promotes a modern silhouette, and while there's no mistaking that these are athletic, golf-specific pants and shorts, they're not overburdened with the "technical" bells and whistles that some companies use to advertise "high-tech" products. It's just a good, clean look that performs well.

$79/shorts, $99/pants

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