8. "Creating Old Macdonald" DVD

Ulterior motives are more than welcome here—if “Creating Old Macdonald” doesn't convince dad to make the pilgrimage to the Oregon coast, nothing will. Directed by Hollywood veteran Michael Robin (“The Closer”, “Nip/Tuck”), the creation story of the resort's fourth course comes forth with serious production values. Viewers get great insight into how Charles Blair Macdonald's century-old template holes still speak to modern players, as well as a cool look at the nuts-and-bolts of routing and constructing a golf course. Perhaps the film's most fascinating scene captures Old Mac co-designers Tom Doak and Jim Urbina on a bench at North Berwick, casually talking architecture—soon after the film was released, the pair parted ways. The film co-stars resort owner Mike Keiser, Golfweek editor Bradley Klein, and Macdonald biographer George Bahto, all of whom contributed to the design. Offered through Bandon's website for a mere sawbuck, this is an absolute steal for architecture fans. ($10,

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