8. Odyssey Versa + EyeFit

Odyssey's booth was devoted to promoting its new Versa line of putters and a self-fitting system called EyeFit, which is a mirror that rests on the ground and features four parallel lines and the image of a ball in the middle. The golfer sets up over it in his or her usual position and learns which one of the lines passes through the eyeline in the reflection. Odyssey has coded its putter models with four dashes to match different golfers' positions at address—from face-balanced mallets (one dash, for those who get their eyes right over the ball) to advanced toe hang (four dashes) for those who prefer an arcing stroke. Versa seemed popular among conventioneers—it uses a high-contrast black-on-white (or vice versa) design with the alignment feature running vertically, as opposed to the traditional horizontal line pointing toward the hole. 

Versa: $169; EyeFit: Free, in stores.

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