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adidas puremotion golf shoes

If playing barefoot was good enough for Sam Snead, maybe you should try the next best thing?

By: James A. Frank

As a boy, Sam Snead played golf barefoot, and years later, as one of the greatest golfers ever, often continued to practice that way. So there must be something about getting one’s feet close to the ground that leads to beautiful, effective swings.

That’s the notion behind the new puremotion golf shoes from adidas Golf (no, that’s not a mistake: the lower case “p” in puremotion and “a” in adidas are the company’s spellings). The super-lightweight shoe gets the foot nearly to ground level but still provides necessary traction, support, and protection.

“Puremotion forces you to find your own balance and tempo while improving your awareness of the ground and how it relates to your swing,” says Bill Price, adidas Golf’s VP Golf Global Footwear.

The shoe weighs only 11.5 ounces, and features a mesh upper that provides both breathability and waterproofing. The outsole is spikeless and very comfortable, so it’s a good off-course shoe, as well.

The wide, web-shaped forefoot allows the toes to spread out naturally during the swing for better stability and more flexibility. Which is how the foot is supposed to move, according to Mike Malaska, 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year, who was involved in puremotion’s design, researching how stability is key to natural movement. “Giving the foot the most opportunity to sense proper balance and motion, and have the body react correctly, is key to performance,” Malaska says.

Puremotion comes with a two-year waterproof warranty and in four color choices: Shown here is satellite/white/metallic silver; others are white/silver/satellite, chocolate/scout/black, and black/black/red. It will be available on June 1 for $120.


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