Auchentoshan Three-Wood Whisky

Instead of a new three-wood, how about three woods in liquid form? Auchentoshan's popular dram derives its name from the three casks (American bourbon and two different Spanish sherry) in which the spirit ages. The book on Lowland Scotch whisky in general and Auchentoshan in particular is that it's light, subtle, delicate—they're sometimes referred to (not as jokingly as one might think) as “breakfast whiskies.” The Three-Wood, however, features a fuller body—darker, more complex, with a kind of butterscotch sweetness countered by undertones of dried citrus fruit. Well-liked by mixologists for this multi-dimensionality, the Three-Wood's reasonable price tag makes it a good addition to any golfer's cabinet. 

$65/750 ml;

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