Discovery Land Company

Keeping a focus on quality, Discovery Land Company is on a $1 billion sales pace

Michael Meldman“Across our family of projects, Discovery is on pace to close approximately $1 billion in sales for calendar year 2012, and in excess of $2 billion over the last 30 months,” said Michael S. Meldman, Chairman & CEO of Discovery Land Company. “I believe the reason we have continued to expand our family of owners is straight-forward—the overarching theme is an unrelenting focus on quality. Starting with the physical property, we want to build on exceptional properties in the world’s best locations.  We then make the capital investment in amenities and infrastructure that will complement the natural aesthetics of the property.  The property improvements are brought to life by service and culture we strive to achieve at all of the projects.  Our focus has always been on family—these projects are places where our buyers want to build their family legacies. In building these communities, we try to embrace our members’ lifestyles, create a real community of people, and help them create lasting memories. We don’t just do the big things right. We make sure all the little things are perfect, too. It takes a lot of work and creativity, but when it comes together…there’s just nothing better."

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