Rating the Rota

An exclusive ranking of the British Open's current menu of nine courses

There are many ways to judge the quality of a major championship venue, from how many people it can hold to how well it handles rain to the architectural merits of the holes themselves.

But ultimately, there is only one question that history asks of any major course: Who won there?

Pebble Beach is considered the ultimate U.S. Open site. Not because of its location or views, but because it consistently has been able to identify the best players in their primes: Jack Nicklaus in 1972, Tom Watson in 1982 and Tiger Woods in 2000.

Pebble is such a good course because of the test it offers players. Only those with sound judgment, strong mental fortitude and excellent physical skills will overcome the layout’s many challenges.

In this vein, the quality of a course can be reflected in those who have won there. It’s no different across the Atlantic, where the nine current courses on the British Open rota have hosted enough championships over the decades to allow for patterns to emerge.

The best courses on the British Open rota have consistently identified the best players of their time. The worst have crowned multiple fluke champions. These champions are a primary consideration in the following ranking of the Open rota. Click the link below to start the countdown from worst to first.


  >> No. 9: Royal St. George's
































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