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The college football season is a perfect way to combine your school spirit with a round on a great golf course

Fall is the best time of year for golf. The weather is mild, the courses play firmer and faster, and for much of the country, the foliage makes for a more scenic background. 

Most importantly, fall Saturdays mean that you can combine two of your biggest passions, golf and college football, into a weekend of playing, tailgating and cheering. Traveling to support your alma mater in a big game is the perfect excuse to tee it up at a great course in the area. 

In the links that follow, we have taken into account the teams, geography and the quality of golf and highlighted a significant game for every week of the upcoming season. 

These 15 golf-and-football combinations are just the starting point. We hope that they inspire you to plan trips of your own that will make for memorable weekends of big drives, both on the course and in the stadium.


  >> Week 1: Georgia at Oklahoma State

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