Flying Your Flag (and flagging your fly)

Patriotic belt buckles hold up your values—and your pants

By: James A. Frank

There are many reasons to get patriotic this summer: July 4 is coming up, as is Canada Day (July 1). The Olympics. An American election. And in golf, with the men’s U.S. Open just completed and the women’s Open and the Open Championship in a few weeks—plus the always flag-wave-able Ryder Cup in a few months—it’s a way to show support for your country’s (or any country’s) favorite golfers.

Instead of wrapping yourself in a flag, as the athletes do, you can wrap yourself in a fine-quality belt and national flag belt buckle produced by Druh Belts of England.

canadabeltbuckleThe company was started by English tour pro Simon Hurd, who played on the European and Asian Tours. He now makes a wide range of belts and buckles—in lots of colors and materials—that are worn by hundreds of leading players including Lee Westwood, Thomas Bjorn, Paul McGinley, and many others.

This year, Druh is running 14 different buckles up the flagpole, the national ensigns of the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand. The buckles are enamel and easily interchangeable with Druh’s belts in handmade leather, snakeskin, and other materials in a spectrum of colors.

Flag buckle and belt together cost $137; the buckle alone is $36, and everything can be seen and ordered on Druh’s website.


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