Footjoy XPS-1 BOA golf shoes

Blending technology and style, this new model provides a real stable base, particularly for those with high swing speeds

By: Tom Cunneff

As most every golfer knows, the trend in golf shoes these days is toward more sneaker-like models that players can wear as easily on the course as you can off of it. For the contrarians—and big swingers—out there, there’s Footjoy’s XPS-1 BOA, which was engineered to enhance tour-level swing speeds.

The most noticeable feature is the extreme outsole that juts out on the outside of the shoe for enhanced stability. With nine Softspikes Cyclone Cleats, the TPU sole is one of the most solid-feeling platforms I’ve ever tested.

Adding to that support is a 3D-molded gel that matches the shape of the ankle, as well as the Boa tightening system that pulls the foot down and back into the “HeelLoc” zone. The rear reel, which is more subtle than previous iterations, and cable laces allow for a very precise fit with no pressure points or loosening. Other features include a proprietary waterproof leather upper made by Pittards of England that’s 30 percent softer than previous models.

If a good swing indeed starts from the ground up, then the XPS-1 is a step in the right direction.



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