GolfLogix GPS App

Your Smartphone will never appear so bright as it does with this incredible bit of software

By: Tom Cunneff

One day Smartphones will take over the world and make us their slaves (if they haven’t already), but you have to admit, the number of apps out there that enrich your digital life are pretty amazing to behold. One of my favorite golf apps is the USGA Rules app, which makes it incredibly easy to find specific Rules because of the search function (you can even email a Rule or Decision).

The GolfLogix app is another one I like. The free version provides yardages to greens, yardage-book like imagery, scorekeeping, and stat tracking, while the paid “Champion” version ($20 annually) includes club tracking, aerial flyovers, and touchscreen distances to any spot on the course, like a pin location or hazard. It also features a screen to record notes about hole features to remind you to avoid a false front or that there’s plenty of room right off the tee. 

But what I really liked about the Champion version of the app (besides the lack of ads in the free version) was the patented club-tracking feature, which displays the landing zones of your clubs. It really makes it easy to layup in front of a bunker or avoid going long over a green. 

And now the app might actually help improve your game. GolfLogix has just partnered with Golf Digest to deliver tips and video based on your stats from each day’s on-course performance. Sure, it takes some time to input data while you're playing, but given that we spend only a few minutes during a four-hour round actually hitting the ball, there’s plenty of time for that. 

Available for just about every different type of Smartphone.


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