Ideal Golf Pro

By: Geoff Shackelford

With his kind demeanor and deep love for the game, the ideal pro sets the tone for our club. From the scorecard to instruction clinics to tournament operations to the shop he oversees, he has a clear understanding of what works best for our club—and very rarely does a single element go awry. 
That’s because he empowers his loyal staff to carry out his vision. (Note that the best head pros always have a devoted group of associates who only consider the choicest job openings because of the idyllic work environment our pro has created.)
Our pro is a friendly, attentive and patient old soul who can take in the most lame of jokes and most tedious of golf horror stories—shot by excruciating shot. He has suffered through hundreds of each—this week. But our pro, who never shies away from a conversation, always listens as if he is hearing these same old tales for the first time. 
Most of all, the ideal pro is so synonymous with the club experience that it is unimaginable to think of visiting without introducing your guests to him, if he hasn’t already stepped out of his office to say hello. The number of archetypal pros who fit this description is too long to list, but has there ever been a more kind, gentle, and patient pro than Cypress Point Club’s recently retired Jim Langley?

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