Ideal Halfway House

By: Geoff Shackelford

Besides fresh and simple food, we do not ask much of our halfway house, which is perhaps why there are so few of any distinction. Then again, what more do we need than a simple menu with an emphasis on food that can be quickly prepared and eaten just as rapidly?
The ideal halfway house matches the clubhouse architecture in some way and is discreetly situated so any residual noise related to its operation is minimized. It can be encountered twice in a round and features a small seating area, which many clubs discourage in the name of pace of play. No, provide the option to enjoy a leisurely lunch and let those in a hurry play through.
Ultimately, our halfway house features some sort of distinctive touch. Perhaps it’s the sweeping view at Sand Hills Golf Club or the water-tower mystique of Pine Valley’s pit stop (pictured). But the best of all is Hot Dog Bill’s linear-shaped cheeseburgers at the Olympic Club, where a whiff of the grill can encourage even the most downtrodden to persevere as the Lake course takes its inevitable toll on your scorecard.

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