James Ingles Bespoke Putters

James Ingles is making rapid strides in the small yet fiercely competitive world of boutique putter making. Working in conjunction with Charles Hellis & Sons, a prestigious London gun-making concern that dates to 1884, Ingles takes the art of the putter to new heights, especially in the areas of metal engraving and the use of exotic materials. A visit to the company's website reveals elaborate filigree patterns, bullet casings inlaid into putter heads, even face inserts created from Damascus steel. Damascus is legendary stuff, the forging secrets of which have been lost to the centuries and continue to elude the best efforts at reproduction by contemporary metallurgists. Whether it's an 8802  blade like “Little Ben,” an Anser-style head, or something entirely new from the client's imagination, Ingles can make it, and make it beautiful.

Prices vary;

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