On the Ball

There are lots of new balls to choose from this year, and a number of their makers offer online fitting to put you in the right one

By: James A. Frank

We’re keeping our fingers crossed, but if you believe the meteorologists, spring might finally be just around the corner. Which means it’s time to think about playing golf again. (Yes, of course, I know you’ve been thinking about it for months; I mean really start to do something about it). And while you may be planning to check out some of the new clubs—which you can read all about in a few days when “HotLINKS,” our digital issue all about equipment, is published—I have another suggestion: Think about trying some of the new golf balls, too.

Don’t feel bad if you missed the news, but just about every ball manufacturer has either introduced new product or upgraded existing ones. For example, Titleist revamped its NXT Tour, DT Solo, and Velocity balls, while Bridgestone enhanced its B330s. At the same time, Nike rolled out its new RZN line, Callaway offers the new Speed Regime series, Wilson brought out the FG Tour ball, and TaylorMade has two new balls, Tour Preferred and Project (A).

With all these new and renewed balls, choosing might be difficult. Which is why many of the ball-making companies offer online fitting programs to help you find the right one for your game. I spent a few hours the other day trying them out and was surprised by some of the results, making me think that perhaps I’ve been short-changing myself. I’m looking forward to my own ball tests—as soon as the snow melts.

Here’s where to go to find the fitting programs.





As for Callaway and TaylorMade, while neither has a ball-matching program this moment, both have new products worth checking out on their respective websites. Check out the many balls from Srixon on their site, too.



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