Nexbelt Golf Series

With a hidden ball marker and quarter-inch adjustability, this inventive belt is as functional as it is fashionable

By: Tom Cunneff

One of the biggest differences between a good and bad player is their clothes. You can almost tell a person’s handicap by the way he dresses. Rarely do you see a low-handicap who doesn’t look the part. They typically have a sense of style to go along with their sense of feel and that includes having a cool belt, like one from Nexbelt.

Known as “The Belt Without Holes,” Nexbelt provides a fashionable, practical solution to an age-old problem: belt holes that either make the belt too tight or too loose. Instead of one-inch gaps, the Nexbelt system works on an interior track of quarter-inch segments. Not only does the belt always fit perfectly regardless of your waist-size fluctuations, which is kind of nice after a hearty post-round meal, but it has a very appealing, streamlined look. There’s also a hidden ball marker under the flip-down face, which is pretty neat. Very 007.

One belt can fit anyone from with a waist size from 30 inches to 50 inches (it’s easy to cut down to the proper size with a pair of scissors). And should you lose weight at some point, you can keep cutting the belt to your new size. The Golf Series features a number of different styles at an affordable price, including the new Folds of Honor Foundation edition with proceeds going to the charity that helps spouses and children of killed or disabled soldiers.

A Nexbelt is a great way to ratchet up your look.





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