Ping G30: New Clubs. New Speed. New Word?

By: James A. Frank

I was all set to give credit to the very clever folks at Ping for coining a word, turbulator, to describe the raised ridges on the crown of the new G30 driver. But according to Wikipedia, “A turbulator is a device that turns a laminar flow into a turbulent flow. The term… is applied to a variety of applications and is used as a derivative of the word turbulent. However, the word has no commonly accepted technical or scientific meaning.”

It may not yet, but give it time. “The turbulators are really exciting,” said John Solheim, Ping’s Chairman and CEO and son of founder Karsten Solheim, who was responsible for such game-changing innovations as perimeter-weighted putters and irons. The younger Solheim says turbulators reduce aerodynamic drag on the clubhead during the swing, increasing speed, and uses Bubba Watson’s experience as proof. “He picked up two miles per hour in clubhead speed and four miles per hour in ball speed, which meant 10 more yards for him. We can’t promise that for everyone, but with the turbulators’ powerful, inspiring look we’re confident all golfers will be longer off the tee.”

Besides the driver, the new G30 line includes fairway woods, which also feature turbulators, plus hybrids and irons, which do not. Yet all do share some technology and all promise faster speed for more distance. “Across the product line, we’ve proved you can hit the ball higher and farther while increasing forgiveness and control,” says Solheim. As well, both the driver—offered in both a standard and SF Tec option for slicers—and fairway woods are adjustable with five loft positions.

Furthermore, all the new clubs employ new materials and technologies in the face. That means a new titanium in the drivers (resulting in thinner faces and repositioned weight), plus a higher-strength steel in the fairway woods and new heat-treating process on the hybrids, making the faces hotter and more forgiving. The G30 irons also have a thinner face, which creates faster ball speeds, and a lower center of gravity, among other improvements.

The whole G30 series is now available. I’m looking forward to trying some of them in the near future and reviewing them here. Stay tuned.




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