Ping S55 irons

The latest offering from the company that invented cavity-backed irons performs even better than it looks

By: Tom Cunneff

Some people might not think that irons have improved much since the introduction of the first modern cavity-backed iron, the Ping Eye2, 30 years ago. Some people would be wrong. Ping’s newest iron model, the S55, is their ultimate blade iron that’s in the bags of many of their tour pros, like Hunter Mahan, Bubba Watson, and Angel Cabrera. It’s got a relatively small size from heel to toe and a thin sole and top rail yet its Moment of Inertia or forgiveness factor if you hit the ball off-center, is higher than the Eye2.

The successor to the popular and successful S56 iron, the S55 features even better workability, control, and forgiveness thanks to a thinner face and tungsten toe weight that pulls the sweet spot more to the center of the face. Ping staffers love the ability to flight shots up or down while also getting plenty of forgiveness if they don’t quite have their A game.

They also love the traditional look of the club, which comes with a brushed satin-chrome finish, as well as the softer feel. (The S55 is cast but has the look and feel of a forged club.) The vibration-dampening custom tuning port of the S55 is also larger and sits lower in the back cavity, which positions the Center of Gravity lower and deeper to promote higher launch with greater energy transfer, allowing Ping to increase lofts by one degree in the shorter irons and a 1/2 degree in the mid-irons.

The S55 is a players club that just about anyone can play.

$900 (set of eight with steel shafts),




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