Rokform v3 Golf Shooter

This golf-shaft device for recording videos with your smartphone might easily become the most important club in your bag

By: Tom Cunneff

Most golfers really don't like to see video of their swing mainly because it looks about as much like a tour pro's as a muni layout resembles Augusta National. But the only way to really improve your understanding of the flaws in your swing is to study it. It’s vital, though, that you get a good recording in a stable, consistent, and precise position. The Rokbed v3 is a lot better way to do that than getting a friend to hold your smartphone.

Developed with the help of teaching pros, the Golf Shooter pole fits in your bag just like any other club. Your iPhone easily attaches to it with a twist after putting it in the device case (in fact, the high-quality Rokform v3 protective case can double as your regular case). Stick the shaft end in the ground either 10–12 feet directly behind you on your toe line or an equal distance to the side perpendicular to the ball and you’re good to go.

I also recommend downloading one of the many free or low-cost swing apps out there, like Swingreader with such features as a 10-second countdown, super slow-mo, and the ability to “Telestrate” the recording with swing-plane lines, etc.

With the Golf Shooter you can become your own best instructor because nothing boosts your confidence and lowers your scores like understanding your own swing and being able to correct the flaws yourself.



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