Secret Grip

By: Tom Cunneff

One of the keys to a good golf swing is slow hand speed through the hitting zone, which allows the clubhead to speed up while also keeping the hands from getting overactive. These days, it can actually be measured with reflectors and high-speed cameras with pros averaging around 15–20 mph. Nicklaus didn’t use motion-analysis technology to measure his hand speed; he just knew that back weighting on the butt end of the club helped him hit farther, straighter shots. Strangely, few other pros, save for Sergio Garcia, have copied him despite Nicklaus's record success (of course, no one has copied his putting style, either).

But maybe it will work for you. Teaming with Boccieri Golf, maker of the Heavy Putter, Nicklaus is endorsing the first product in almost 20 years that isn’t under the Nicklaus Golf banner. The Secret Grip features a 17-gram tungsten weight in the butt-end, along with a rubber compound that’s 40-percent heavier than what’s used in a typical grip, for a 92-gram total weight, which is about 40 grams heavier than a conventional one. The extra weight raises the balance point of the club and helps to promote better contact, according to the company. The Secret Grip is also one-inch longer than standard, allowing players to grip down, and has a built up lower section often preferred by tour players.

Another key to good golf is experimentation and the Secret Grip is certainly worth a try.

$17 each,


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