Stitch Head Covers

These affordable, American-made leather goods give your bag a stylishly retro look

By: Tom Cunneff

There’s another individual here at LINKS who doesn’t have any head covers on his metal-woods because they’re an unnecessary time waster since metal-woods really don’t need protection like wood-woods. I’m not going to name him by George but suffice it to say he likes to pepper his writing with references to his favored West Highland Terrier.

Now maybe he’s right and head covers are superfluous in this day and age, but there’s just something about them that make a golf bag look like a golf bag. Plus, I like keeping my metal-woods as pristine-looking as possible so nothing distracts me when I’m frozen with fear over the ball. I will say, however, that since I use all the same brands of metal-woods and all the head covers look the same, I have on occasion grabbled the wrong club from the bag, only to discover the problem after my cart partner has sped away to the other side of the fairway.

StitchWhich is why I’m a big fan of these Stitch head covers, which are handcrafted in North Carolina. Not only do they give your bag a stylishly retro look, but you’re not likely to confuse one metal-wood for another. Besides their good looks, another advantage is the fit. While you never have to worry about them falling off, they’re a lot easier to get on and off your metal-woods compared to the overly tight and cumbersome ones that come with most clubs.

Maybe even my thrifty colleague will start using them. Then again, probably not.



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