Sub70: Retro Golf Fashion Gets An Updating

Leave it to an eight-year-old apparel company from England to make ‘50s styles cool again in golf wear.

By: James A. Frank

I used to really like cardigan sweaters. Now, they remind me of Ward Cleaver, Beaver’s dad. So I’m pleased to see that someone is trying to erase that '50s image—pipe? newspaper? slippers?—from my memory bank.

Sub70 is an eight-year-old fashion company that began in England and made it to the U.S. for the first time last year. As with a number of stylish, new golfwear companies, Sub70 was formed because a group of young friends couldn’t find golf clothing they liked. So they developed their own, with three key features: an athletic fit, bold colors, and technical fabrics and features.

For Spring 2012, Sub70 has made a few changes. The fit is slightly changed—there’s a little more room for bigger bodies (thank you!), as well as longer-length polo shirts (at $75 each) and a more relaxed fit on flat-front pants ($95) and shorts ($80). In other words, more awareness of the American body.

Other new items include pants and shorts with oversized tartan plaids; shirts, shorts, and pants in a full range of light and dark greens; five-pocket golf pants (think of blue jeans you can wear on the course); a line for junior golfers; accessories including hats and belts; and, yes, cardigans ($90). All hail the return of the varsity-style, button-down sweater (as well as long-sleeve pullovers—$90—and sweater vests—$80) in rich colors with contrasting waistbands, pocket detailing, and stripes on the chest and arms. Suddenly the '50s don’t look that bad.

You can find Sub70 in top golf shops and specialty stores, or check out the line, and order, from their website.




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