Sun Mountain Micro-Cart Sport

This light, stylish, and compact push cart says a lot about how you roll

By: Tom Cunneff

With the longest days of the year upon us, this is a great time to walk some holes after work or just go for a twilight stroll on the weekend. And, short of your favorite caddie, you’d be hard pressed to find a better bag carrier than the Sun Mountain Micro-Cart Sport pushcart.

Weighing in at just 13 lbs., the Micro-Cart Sport is very easy to push so it doesn’t require much effort. Some carts are so bulky that you have to work a little too hard to get it down the fairway. That’s definitely not the case with this cool and compact model. The patented four-wheel design has a low center of gravity for good stability on the course, especially on side hills, with no tracking adjustments required. The bag also sits more upright than most other carts so your clubs don’t list to the low side. Another nice element: carry bags with legs fit easily onto the base because there’s space for the lever mechanism to fit through while the adjustable front axle can accommodate the largest of golf bags.
Other features include an adjustable handle for different heights, rear storage bag, a console with padded valuables tray, ball and tee holders, magnetic scorecard holder, and a drink holder. The cart’s small folded footprint (just 52 cubic inches) makes it easy to get it in and out of the car, and the anodized aluminum frame folds and unfolds in two easy motions. Tying it altogether is a palate of eye-catching color combinations.

How you roll on the course says a lot about how you roll as a golfer.
$189 ((black/yellow, charcoal/red, black/lime and charcoal/pink),


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