The mobile revolution is beginning to produce some truly unbelievable swing analysis gizmos, but unless you're shopping for yourself, be careful with this one. In the hands of the wrong kind of golfer, Swingbyte can be a Pandora's Box. Why? It's almost too good. Weighing a mere one ounce, the device clips unobtrusively to the shaft of a golf club (just below the grip) and, using Bluetooth connectivity, sends a barrage of data to your iPad, iPhone, or 'Droid. Perhaps its most addictive feature is its ability to track the motion of the golf club in both time and space, tracing an arc on the screen that can be viewed from any angle—face-on, down-the-line, you name it. The danger is that you can hit a pure driver or iron shot and still be appalled by the data the Swingbyte provides. If you're not careful, you can begin trying to swing to impress the device…and rapidly plunge down the rabbit hole. The only real drawback is that the golfer's body isn't present in the 3D rendering, so it's impossible to see "physical" swing flaws—fundamental issues related to grip, alignment, stance, and posture. What Swingbyte does is describe, in clinical detail, what the golf club is doing up to impact. And if you order from the link below, you’ll receive a free two-year subscription to LINKS. 


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