"The Golden Age of Pinehurst" by Lee Pace

Following the restoration of Pinehurst No. 2, Chapel Hill author Lee Pace returns by building on his 2004 volume The Spirit of Pinehurst. To his credit, there's very little recycled material here—gone are Spirit’s (very good) essays from the likes of Charles Price and Herbert Warren Wind, replaced by extensive on-the-ground reporting on the transformation of Donald Ross's classic from monochrome Bermuda to a visually richer sand and wiregrass landscape. It's a complete picture of Pinehurst, with chip shots highlighting the Pinecrest Inn, “The Golf Lad,” the legacy of the North & South tournament and more, but the philosophy and working methods of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw are at the heart of the book. Pace takes readers out into the field with the architects and their crew. Beyond just coming back with enough great quotes to, well, fill a book, the author goes a long way toward letting us see No. 2 through the eyes of a pair of modern masters. Without question, this is the definitive account of the restoration. A must for architecture aficionados and lovers of Pinehurst.


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