Tiger Tweaks His Togs

Even his Nike shirts are dedicated to improving his swing

By: James A. Frank

Dedicated Woods watchers have commented on numerous changes in Tiger’s life of late. His Foley-ated swing is performing well, his social life is gliding along, and he even seems a little chattier with the media.

Plus, it turns out, he’s made some adjustments to his shirts.

Working with the apparel experts at Nike, Tiger has redesigned elements of the 2013 TW Collection so he doesn’t need to tug the sleeves and pull the collar before and after shots.

“Tiger was typically adjusting his sleeves before he addressed the ball,” says Kim Kenney, Nike Golf’s design director, “moving the garment’s shoulder seam back as a way to mark his golf stance. Then, after he followed through, he had to adjust and pull his sleeves back to the original position.”

The new shirts feature a “continuous shoulder seam” that actually feels seamless against the skin. They also have an “articulated Kimono-style back” that allows for a less restricted range of motion, and the back of the sleeves are part of a continuous piece along the back of the polo so there’s less tension. According to Tiger, the new tailoring has freed up his swing.

And if you’ve been tuning in Tiger the last few weeks, you also may have noticed he’s sporting bold patterns and colors, another feature of the new collection. (Look closely at some of his polos and you might notice a subtle graphic of angled lines: They’re his launch-angle read-outs. Seriously.) The shirts also have perforated collars—to keep the neck cooler and reduce overall weight—and employ Nike’s Dri-FIT technology to wick moisture away from the skin.

Available in a range of colors and patterns, shirts in the collection range from $90-$100.


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