Titleist 913D3 driver

With a 445cc head, this club really finds the sweet spot for players who like a little workability off the tee

By: Tom Cunneff

Most companies release new drivers every year (or more), but Titleist prefers to alternate irons and woods, with odd years devoted to the latter. “One of our philosophies is we try not to put out a product unless it’s better than the previous generation,” says Vice President of Marketing Chris McGinley. “We’re comfortable with our two-year life cycle. That allows us to go through a full design cycle, get tour validation and feedback on it, make changes if needed.”

Although both the D2 and D3 feature a high-speed, forged-face insert, increasing the sweet spot by 11 percent; a new rear weight for a lower center of gravity (CG); and precision-fit adjustable hosel, the 445cc D3 has a slightly smaller footprint than the 460cc D2. It’s more of a classic pear shape than the D2, which is a little more round. Unlike the 910 series, however, both offer the same launch and spin characteristics (the 910D2 produced a little more spin than the 910D3). Due to a deeper CG, the 913D2 is also easier to square the face at impact than the D3, which has no flight bias so it’s easier to fade.

Both also offer really good acoustics, but if you like a slightly smaller looking head and the ability to work the ball, the D3 is a great choice.



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