Tommy Bahama Sportswear

How to Dress for the Endless Weekend

By: James A. Frank

You have to love Tommy Bahama’s tag line: “Make life one long weekend.” That’s a pretty good philosophy not only for how to dress, but how to think. Consider it adopted.

And with that, take a look at the Tommy Bahama sportswear, not your traditional golf attire but guaranteed to put your mind and body in the right spirit to have fun as you play, on course and off. The collections, for men and women, are all about fit and feel, mixing quality fabrics with sophisticated styling.

Gentlemen tired of golf convention will get a kick from Tommy’s signature Hawaiian and Vintage prints, a break from the on-course uniform of stripes and solids. But there are more traditional polos in the line, too, many featuring moisture-wicking. And with summer coming on, lightweight linen and cotton pants and shorts look and feel good.

For ladies, there are shorts, cropped pants, and cargos; a variety of sweaters; light, breezy dresses; plus t-shirts and jackets both belted and unstructured. This is also a big year for belts, in leather, suede, cotton, jute, even metal chain.

There’s much more under the Bahama umbrella, active accessories like sunglasses and hats, flip-flops, and, if you need to tell time on your endless weekend, watches.

A big lot of it is being given away for Father’s Day (June 17) in a special “Make Dad’s Day” sweepstakes. Go to the company website and share a story about your dad and why he should win $10,000 worth of Tommy Bahama gear (left), including clothes, books, a golf bag, even a steamer-trunk bar. All pretty good stuff to keep the weekend going on and on and on…


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