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The Top 10 Golf Resorts for Women

By: Brian McCallen

Golf travel, like golf itself, tends to be dominated by men. The classic male bonding trip has been around as long as men have hunted and women have gathered. But the dynamic is changing. Women are an increasingly important part of the golf travel market. When sizing up a resort, a woman’s priorities—apart from a well-groomed golf course designed to challenge tigresses and novices alike—generally go beyond what men have in mind. A welcoming, courteous staff is important. So is the chance to relax in a beautiful place. A top-flight spa with a range of treatments is vital. So is a fitness gym. The food—fresh, well-prepared—must be good. Post-round sightseeing, shopping and outdoor adventures are nice extras.

On the following pages are 10 resorts nationwide where every woman can unleash her inner diva.

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