Yes! Pippi-12 Mid belly putter

From anchoring it in your stomach to the wild yellow-and-black grip and matching headcover, there’s nothing traditional about this flatstick—and that’s a good thing

By: Tom Cunneff

Two of the last three majors were won by players using belly putters, so maybe it’s time you finally said Yes! to one. 

One reason why people are reluctant to try a belly is that they just don’t know what size to get. Yes! has a new Bella-Fit Fitting System that works really well. Using a Bella-style head that can be face-balanced, have moderate toe-hang, or pronounced toe hang, the system also has an adjustable hosel for different lie angles, as well as a telescoping shaft. Once all the adjustments are made and locked down, the player can then hit practice putts to make sure everything feels just right. (Golfers can get fit at most of the major retailers or their local pro if they carry the Yes! brand.)

The Pippi-12 Mid is included in the first lineup of putters to come out since Adams Golf bought the company a year ago. The new models still have Yes!’s patented C-Groove Technology that the company says gets the ball rolling up to 21.5 percent sooner, while increasing accuracy on off-center hits by 40 percent, but what’s new is a contrasting TPU insert for improved feel. 

Unlike most bellies, which seem to be mainly mallets, the Pippi-12 Mid is a classic blade with an attractive satin finish, albeit one that is slightly oversized and heavier (400 grams). It also features a straight center-shafted design with no offset and clean, square lines for easy alignment.

My gut reaction is that you’re going to like this one.



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