By: Jamie Patton

On this grey, cool afternoon in the Hamptons I'm moved to throw a riddle your way.  The game we're going to play is, "Guess the Golf Club", and if anyone is sharp enough to get it, then, well, they're a boffin.  Perhaps there's one fellow that reads this blog from time to time that has a decent chance of glory - he's known by many aliases but my favourite is "The Magpie of Morfontaine" - but, for the rest of you, the odds are stacked against.

Anyway, here goes.

On Thursday Goldy and I had the privilege of paying a visit to what I'll call "Golf Club X".  It's in New York - in one of the five boroughs (you're not getting any more specific signpost than that...) - and its name is comprised of three words.  The club's founder was an eminent, Canadian golf course architect, known more often than not by his initials than by his first name.  He founded the club - back in the middle of World War I - because a good friend couldn't get into the club to which he already belonged. 

The current President of the USGA receives an honourary membership of Golf Club X during his tenure and, I understand, the Association holds its annual dinner at the club.  It's not a bad place to hold a dinner.

Though sanctioned by the USGA as a "type two" club, Golf Club X has no golf course!  (It's a common and understandable misconception that you need to have a golf course to be incorporated as a golf club; rather, all that is required, apparently, is that there by a reasonable and regular opportunity for members to play golf with each other).

The staff are dressed in green jackets and bow-ties, and on the wood panelled walls are some of the most prized pieces of artwork in the golf world.  In fact there's one particular painting, right by the bar on the first floor, of note: that of the inaugural match on the North Berwick West Links (apparently recently appraised to be worth a cool $15 million or so...).

Right - you've had plenty clues by now.  Let's see what you got!


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