Cashing in at Augusta

(AUGUSTA, GA) Like everything else about the Masters, they have the rental housing market down to a science. While Augusta National has been busy over the years gobbling up (and tearing down) neighboring homes, the Masters Housing Bureau has been busy going about the business of coordinating the rental market for patrons. There are millions of dollars at stake during this week. The Masters Housing Bureau—among others—operates an online database to manage their listings. The Bureau, operated by the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce, collects seven percent on every contract. In exchange, they help homeowners advertise and negotiate rates. The returns for homeowners, especially those with multi-bedroom homes, can be lucrative, bringing in over $10,000 for the week. According to The Augusta Chronicle, independent rental company, Corporate Quarters, rents primarily to corporations and fetches up $25,000 for an eight- or 10-bedroom house. But here’s the surprising news…in recent years supply has exceeded demand. Might to pay to shop around if you’re looking for a place to stay at your next visit to the Masters.

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