The Top 10 Best Golf Course Discoveries

By: Brian McCallen

In honor of Christopher Columbus, we’ve scoured the nation to turn up some of the least heralded and most underappreciated courses existent. You won’t need a wooden boat, a parchment map, or a leap of faith to tee it up at any of these hidden gems. 

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  1. Was surprised to the see the Raven at Three Peaks on your list – the last three years, the condition there has gone downhill. so many of locals stay away from the Raven. The new owners three years ago also changed the “locals” prices, so good deals are few and far between. I have played the Raven and it’s predecessor for 24 years – it ranks way below my home course, just down the road south a few miles. Breckenridge Golf Club, a Jack Nicklaus designed 27 hole complex, is one of the best, toughest, scenic and best maintained courses anywhere. And for the visitor, a better deal than the Raven. It is a great muny that I walk five days a week all summer,

    — Charlie Simpson · Friday October 11, 2013 ·


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