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Federal Holiday: Golf in the National Parks

By: James A. Frank

America’s national parks are among its greatest playgrounds, offering magnificent scenery with outstanding opportunities to frolic in the great outdoors. Right now is National Park Week, April 21-29, when all 397 parks in the system offer free admission as well as a host of other discounts and programs. It may be a little late to take advantage of the week’s worth of activities, but think of it as a chance to begin planning an unforgettable vacation very soon, whether it’s hiking in Yosemite, bird-watching in the Everglades, or rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Not as well known is that there’s a handful of golf courses on the peoples’ property. Admittedly we’re not talking Augusta, but the courses are fun and different, and because they’re on federal land—which we’re already supporting with our tax dollars—fees are affordable.

If you’re already planning to hit the road this year and see some of the country’s most spectacular real estate, consider taking your clubs along. There are seven courses on or very close to national parks, almost coast to coast, which you can learn a bit about on the following pages.

For a full list of the national parks, go to Most of the courses have their own websites, or sections on the park sites, that allow for booking tee times.

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