St. Andrews vs. Pinehurst

Pinehurst calls itself “The St. Andrews of America,” and for good reason. The similarities, connections, and affinities between the two golf meccas are numerous and striking.

Appeared in Summer 2014 LINKS

Home Course Advantage
First tee of the Old Course to the center of St. Andrews: 650 yards
First tee of No. 2 to the center of Pinehurst: 650 yards

Notable 19th Hole
St. Andrews: The Dunvegan Hotel
Pinehurst: The Pine Crest Inn

Adopted Son
St. Andrews: Donald Ross
Pinehurst: Donald Ross

Names of the two U.S. Open Champions at Pinehurst: Stewart and Campbell

Always on Sunday
St. Andrews: The Old Course is closed
Pinehurst: The 18th-hole pin on No. 2 is set where it was for the final round of the 1999 U.S. Open.

A Full Curriculum
St. Andrews: 7 courses, 117 holes
Pinehurst: 8 courses, 144 holes

Heavy Traffic
Rounds played per year on all courses
St. Andrews: about 235,000
Pinehurst: about 255,000

Background Music
St. Andrews: The skirl of bagpipes
Pinehurst: The carillon of the village chapel

And Most of Them are Golfers
Population of St. Andrews: about 17,000
Population of Pinehurst: about 16,000

Short But Sweet
St. Andrews: The Himalayas putting course
Pinehurst: Thistle Dhu putting course

How Dry They Are
Only one water hazard on each course.
St. Andrews: The Swilcan Burn (holes 1 and 18)
Pinehurst: The pond fronting the 16th tee

Victory Punch
St. Andrews: Seve Ballesteros in 1984
Pinehurst: Payne Stewart in 1999

Little House on the Fairway
The starter shack at the first tee of Pinehurst No. 2 is an exact replica of the one at the opening hole of The Old Course

Plenty of Bench Strength
Courses in the Kingdom of Fife: 45
Courses in the Sandhills area: 43

Leuchars Airport to St Andrews: 6 miles
Moore County Airport to Pinehurst: 6 miles

St. Andrews: The Swilcan Bridge
Pinehurst: Putter Boy

Guiding Light
St. Andrews: Old Tom Morris
Pinehurst: Richard S. Tufts

And the Fun Never Stops
At both places, the game is played year round, albeit occasionally under challenging conditions.



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