Williamsburg Inn

Williamsburg, Va.

The best holiday vacation in history? Hurtle back in time to the 1700’s, when Williamsburg was the center of Britain's largest New World colony. The Williamsburg Inn, a lovely edifice of whitewashed brick, uses imaginative hand-made wreaths, cones, swags, roping, topiaries, and kissing balls for its mantels, stairways, windows, and tables to recreate a colonial Christmas. The Inn is located within the Historic Area of Colonial Williamsburg, its nearly 500 reconstructed or restored buildings populated by costumed interpreters and craftspeople. Everyone from blacksmiths and wigmakers to coopers and milliners ply their trade and reenact or describe aspects of colonial life along the cobbled streets of this living, working town. The 18th-century time warp is never more convincing than during the Christmas season. The Inn offers two holiday packages designed to immerse guests in the era of the Founding Fathers. Weather permitting, golfers can play the Gold, Green, and Spotswood courses at the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club.

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