Fishers Island

Appeared in Fall 2011 LINKS

From Manhattan Island to Cape Cod, the distance as the crow flies is exactly 200 miles. At the precise midpoint of that route lies the most captivating golf course on the East Coast—and arguably in the world—Fishers Island. 

It’s not an easy course to get onto, not an easy club to get into, and (unless you’re a crow or have a private plane) not an easy place to reach. Although Fishers Island is part of New York State—in fact, in the same county as Shinnecock, National, and Maidstone—the nearest point of land is Rhode Island and the best way to get there is by ferry out of Connecticut. But the trip—no matter how long it may take—will be worth it.

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Dogged Victim | Let's Get on the Stick

Appeared in Fall 2013 LINKS

Forgive me, but I’m on something of a crusade at the moment, and my target is an unlikely one (at least for a crusade). The flagstick.

Why? Because with one simple change in the Rules of Golf we can instantly make golf easier, faster, fairer, friendlier, and less complicated.

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A Video Tour of The 2014 Equipment Show


Cinderella Courses

Appeared in Summer 2011 LINKS

YOU SAY YOU’VE BEEN to Winged Foot and Baltusrol, played Olympic and Medinah, crossed the pond to Turnberry and St. Andrews. All right, mister bag tag collector, in the course of those visits, exactly how many courses did you play?

If your answer is six, you made a big mistake.

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