Oct 24, 2016
Desperate Measures

(SHANGHAI) This is one reason for divorce we haven’t heard before. Property prices have risen so fast in some Chinese cities that authorities have introduced an unusual curb to try and fight the market bubble—limiting purchases of multiple dwellings, reports Bloomberg News. That curb, has in turn, caused buyers to take some unusual steps to get around the restriction. “Fake divorce” has been one such tactic. The divorce is real, but the couple stays together for the sake of getting rich. As one couple said, “Why would we worry about divorce? We’ve been married for so long [but] If we don’t buy this apartment, we’ll miss the chance to get rich.” Oh, the things we’ll do for love…and a hot property market that saw the average price of new homes rise 30% in Shanghai the first three quarters of 2016. Alas, the government appears ready to tighten the divorce loophole.

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