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Kapalua Resort (Plantation)

One of the first courses by the renowned design duo of Coore/Crenshaw is a worthy year-opening test for the pros

Been Here? | The Greenbrier Bunker

Underneath the West Virginia resort is a Cold War-era relic designed to keep some very important people out of a hazard

Equipment | Getting My Phil

If Phil Mickelson is looking for something to do when he's done playing the Tour, he might consider club design. Based on his input to a new wedge from Callaway—the Mack Daddy PMGrind— he's got both a good eye and good sense. "We listened to him," says Callaway's Roger Cleveland, who has designed for Phil for years and calls him "the best that's ever been" with a wedge. In other words, the man knows what works and what he wants.

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