Aces Wild

One hole-in-one during a club event is cause for celebration—and free drinks!—but six holes-in-one? That's cause for a news release! During the men's fall closing tournament at the Cassique course at Kiawah Island Club in South Carolina, there were six aces recorded—five on the 118-yard 5th and one on the 148-yard 16th. The record occurred on the Tom Watson designed layout last Wednesday just hours after the passing of longtime Cassique golf shop employee Tom Churchill following a long battle with cancer. “Churchie was definitely kicking them in for the guys that day,” says Kiawah Island Club Director of Golf, Steve Kelleher. “Tom was a member of the Kiawah family for more than 20 years, beloved by our membership as well as a mentor and colleague to our younger staff. This is always a special event but having dedicated the day to Tom and then recording six holes-in-one, I’m not sure you can really explain it.” (Hole-in-one club clockwise from top left: Larry Patrick, Garrett Hill, Alan Gillespie, Dale Mercer, Ken Knecktel, and Matt Cleveland.)




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