An Olympics With Bite?

While The Buzz, and others, wonder if the 2016 Olympics in Rio will be held at all—including whether the Gil Hanse-designed golf course will be finished in time—another potential problem is rearing its ugly head. Alligators. Well, not alligators actually, but caimans, which are alligator-like creatures that, according to BloombergBusinessweek, “live in sewage-infested lagoons around western Rio, and some have moved into water features built as part of the… course.” The International Golf Federation says “the risk is minimal,” and that they’ll have a plan to keep golfers and spectators safe from as many as 6,000 caimans. Plus, “if they do arrive, they arrive at night.” Feel better? But wait, that’s not all. Brazil is also home to a giant rodent called the capybara, which could “dig up the grass.” Let the games begin…we hope.




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