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One of the stranger news items in the last few weeks was that police were investigating gambling at the city muni in Tarpon Springs, Florida, northwest of Tampa. Police were shocked—SHOCKED!—to hear that league wagering was taking place and decided to look into it because course manager Chuck Winship is a city employee. Doing what golfers do everywhere, members of 14 different leagues threw the money into a pot for low score, closest to the pin, etc., but a disgruntled former employee reported Winship, who oversaw one league pot, after he was fired. “We didn't look into individual players or somebody making a $2 wager on the back nine,” Tarpon Springs police Capt. Jeffrey Young told the Tampa Bay Times. “The focus of the investigation was on city employees possibly being involved in illegal gambling activities.” Thankfully rational heads prevailed and last week prosecutors said they wouldn’t peruse the case because they can’t prove a crime was committed. The ordeal wasn’t without one casualty, however: Winship, 65, resigned his position because of the pressure and publicity surrounding the investigation.




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