Caddie Communications

The mantra for caddies has always been Show Up, Shut Up and Keep Up. Not anymore. According to research published recently by Loughborough University in Leicestershire, England, it’s now all about the 4 Cs: Closeness, Commitment, Complementarity and Co-Orientation. Dr. Sophia Jowett, Director of Research Degrees at Loughborough University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, said that, “The 4 Cs are fundamental to a successful partnership – Closeness includes trust, appreciation and respect, Commitment is about long-term orientations, Complementarity is about responsiveness, openness and acceptance of roles, and Co-Orientation includes shared knowledge and understanding. Not surprisingly, communication is very important and most disagreements revolved around golf strategies such as club selection and shot decisions.” More importantly, the research also indicated that a good quality caddie relationship can improve a golfer’s performance by 30%. So pick the right looper and you’ve got that going for you. 




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