Dawson To Retire

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews announced today that Peter Dawson, who has been the organization’s Secretary and Chief Executive of The R&A for the past 16 years, will retire in September 2015. Dawson has played a key role in the evolution of the R&A, including in the forming of separate companies to run The Open and other businesses, which, according to the release sent to members, “enabled The R&A to focus on its governance role, running successful championships and supporting the growth of the game around the world and the Club to concentrate on catering for the needs of its more than 2,000 Members.” Dawson has taken a strong hand in key Rules issues, including strong opposition to the anchored putting stroke. He supported golf’s return to the Olympics and recently came out in favor of the R&A admitting women, an issue that will be voted on by members this September. The R&A has hired a search firm to help them find his replacement.




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