Do We Like Ike?

Next to the absence of Tiger Woods, the biggest story going into this year's Masters was the absence of the Eisenhower Tree on the 440-yard 17th, which was lost during a February ice storm. (The storm also thinned out the other trees considerably, allowing winner Bubba Watson to play a big cut on 11 over the sheared tops of the realatively new pines on the right.) But while the former president and many tour pros cursed the loblolly pine on the left side of the hole, it turns out that 17 actually played harder this year with the tree gone. The stroke average was 4.24, the sixth most difficult on the course and the highest since 2006. The club still hasn't announed whether they plan to replace the tree but will no doubt take the stroke average into consideration. What do you think: Should they replace the tree or not?




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